In order for a company's online presence to be efficient, it must be developed continuously. The website must be managed and maintained, with regular and planned improvements. This implies a permanent upgrading of the site and a regular monitoring of its performances, in order to ensure the success of the online presence.

The passive promotion and the maintenance process mean that, even if the client doesn't opt for an active promotion campaign, the online presence can be developed through a series of constant activities, detailed below, which aim at meeting the objectives established with the client.

  • site optimization for the search engines (SEO)
  • the periodical enlistment of the website in search engines and business directories (SEM)
  • text editing (online copywriting) and frequent upgrading of the online presence with information, when the informational architecture of the website is respected.
  • website hosting and monitoring of statistics related to the traffic and the users' interaction with the website.
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